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KOS Maca Root Capsules

  • energy
  • brain
  • stress

This Peruvian root is an “adaptogen”; a substance that can fight hormonal stress, reduce anxiety, improve sexual desire and promote homeostasis.

KOS Maca Root Capsules

  • energy
  • brain
  • stress
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This Peruvian root is an “adaptogen”; a substance that can fight hormonal stress, reduce anxiety, improve sexual desire and promote homeostasis.

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Maca Root, a super nutritious supplement, is considered a cognitive enhancer and stamina supporter.

The wonders of adaptogens are being embraced these days as vital elements in the global plant-based movement. Maca Root, a medicinal staple in the Andes Mountains for centuries, has real benefits for us today. What could Maca Root do for you? Let’s take a look...

  • Hormonal Harmonics
  • Nutritional Nirvana
  • The Fire Down Below
  • A Balancing Act

Several studies have shown that Maca has positive effects on the endocrine system, especially in post menopausal women. Hormonal harmony = mood elevation and revved-up metabolism.

Maca contains flavonoids, which are thought to improve mood and reduce anxiety. We call that nutritional nirvana.

For those interested in increased libido… everyone? Maca gets to the root of the problem (sigh) and has proven powers to fuel the fire and fine tune the functioning.

Balance is a good thing. Especially in your complicated and magical inner realm. Maca adaptogens promote overall wellness. All systems, “GO.”

Maca Root

The Ancient Peruvian Root.

Improves athletic performance

Indigenous Peruvians used Maca Root to increase energy, ward off sickness, revive blood and increase libido. Modern-day “you” can get energized with an ancient elixir.

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Enhances libido

Incas and Andean mountain men used Maca as a sexual booster. That naturally (ahem) “peaked” the interest of modern healers and patients. Studies show fire where there is smoke on this hot topic.

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Relieves anxiety

Maca Root works its magic on your body's finely calibrated equilibrium - what docs call homeostasis. Blood pressure, body temperature and dozens of other markers all benefit from better balance.

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A Cornucopia of nutrients

Maca Root was revered as an aphrodisiac for centuries in ancient Peru. Modern studies indicate the Incas were on to something. KOS organic powder provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and neural protection. All this and the promise of enhanced boudoir performance? Did someone say Horn of Plenty? Oh, we did.

An Adaptogen from the Andes

The Maca plant grows high in the hostile Andes where its roots have to struggle to survive. Maybe that’s why it is so packed with superfood potency. You won’t need a native guide and a cantankerous llama to dig it up. Your friends at KOS make it easy to order it on the World Wild Web.

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